Student Blogging Challenge- Using Images

This week for student blogging challenge we had to do 6 tasks

Activity 1: Write a post about a favourite time with your family.

Activity 2: Write a post about a person who has passed away.

Activity 3. Have a relative write a post about their parents or grandparents

Activity 4. Add at least one new widget to your sidebar

Activity 5. What have you learnt about using images on your blog?

Activity 6. Write a post in your native language using an image as a prompt.


Task 1-

For this task We have to do a post about a time with our family and include a picture

For my one I decided to write about the time my family went to El Celler de can roca. This was a special time because El Celler de can roca is one of the world’s top restaurants and it is located in spain so I found it was a really special time for me and the food was incredible.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 2.52.39 pm



Task 2-

For this task we had to write about a family member who has passed away.

I decided to do two posts, one about my dog and one about my grandma

To start off I am talking about my dog, I know this is meant to be about family members but I consider dogs family members. I have had my dog- Sam from beyond when I was born so I grew really close to him unfortunately he died last year due to old age faults so we had to put him down. When I was little I fell down the stairs a lot and Sam saved us from getting hurt by letting us fall on him. Sam was a dog to be remembered and I hope he has a great time in heaven.

I don’t really remember my nana that well and I only have bits and pieces as she died when I was quite young. What I remember mainly comes from what my parents have told me about her. I remember that she sat down a lot and she had a talent for drawing,  I also remember her and how happy she was each and every time so I know she loved us very much and I hope she is enjoying heaven.


Task 3-

For this task we had to have a relative write about a member in their family


Task 4-

For this task we had to add at least one widget to our blog

I already have some widgets so I decided to do my flag counter widget. I did this because I find it interesting seeing the other countries that have looked at my blog and how many people have. Here is an image.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 1.22.30 pm

Task 5-

For this task we had to write what we have learned about using images.

From using images I have learned that Images can really help to brighten up and make your post more interesting because it can be quite boring staring at words but with an image more people would read your post.


Task 6-

For this task we had to write a post in our native language.

My native language is english so I have written many posts in english therefore I have completed this task



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  1. G’day Georgie,
    Remember you don’t have to do every activity each week. You might just choose one you would really like to finish and do just that one.

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