Blog Action Day Raise your voice- Student Blogging Challenge

For the student blogging challenge we are doing the blog action day and the theme is “Raise your voice.”

We had a couple of options to write about

Ever been inspired by the actions of a person in your community?

Is there an issue that inspires you?

How can technology help in times of disaster?

Indigenous people in your country

Refugees and immigration


I choose to do an issue that I have thought about for a while and that is the issue of Orangutans homes being chopped down for palm oil plantations. The problem with this is that the Orangutans have no place to go so they die in the process that is part of the reason that Orangutans are endangered.

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 2.23.52 pm

The reason I know about this problem is when I was younger I went to borneo and we watched a video that explained that the palm oil plantations were taking over the helpless Orangutans environment, for me this was a big issue so I went on a strike where I didn’t eat any products with palm oil in them and I still don’t. This was hard for me because what I learnt had palm oil happened to be some of the yummiest things as a child: kit-kats and tim-tams. Ever since I went on my little protest as a child I have continued to not support Palm Oil.

These are some products with palm oil in them and products that I can’t/won’t eat. I wonder if you have ever had any of these, and if you have do you know how much harm they cause and how much they affect the environment?


Please Spread Awareness About This Problem

Thank You!

19 thoughts on “Blog Action Day Raise your voice- Student Blogging Challenge

  1. Georgie,
    A well written post and very related to your own life. I know there are some companies now that no longer use palm oil but I have never got to the stage of not eating the products with palm oil.

  2. This is sooooo sad Georgie. Plus I love Nuttela and tim tams. Well done for not eating any products with palm oil.

    -Sienna ):

  3. Hi Georgie,
    Thanks for the reminder about palm oil. I also try not to eat products that contain this oil but it is often very hard. Good on you for your commitment to doing this. A few years ago my class did an assembly presentation about this very topic. Perhaps you should share what you know with us all some time soon as some girls many not be aware. Thanks for raising your voice on Blog Action Day.

  4. Hi georgie,
    Great post! I totally agree with you, the lives of orangutans are incredibly important. Great work with explaining everything so well!
    Keep blogging 😉

  5. Hi Georgie,
    This is shocking! I am seriously upset! I think brands should stop making their products out of palm oil.

  6. Hey Georgie!
    I like the issue you have chosen for your post. I like it because it is true and maybe by your blog post some people might be inspired?

  7. Hey Georgie!
    I really like the issue you chose. I liked how you wrote about the Orangutans homes. It is really sad that their homes are being chopped down.
    -Emily 🙂

  8. Hi Georgie,
    This is a great topic to do for Blog Action Day. It is amazing that you have put action towards what you believe in. I feel really bad that I have eaten some of the items on the picture above. I had no idea it causes so much harm.

  9. Hi Georgie,

    I also believe that it is atrocious what popular brands are doing to our environment!!!


  10. Wow gorgie this was a fantastic post how did you stop eating that nice food you have done a great job and i hope you can help the orangutans.

  11. Hey Georgie,
    I love what you chose. It’s so sad! Well I will join you in not eating palm oil! I will – most of the time….. Well any way good job and let the Orangatangs live!
    Maddie B xx

  12. Hey Georgie,
    That was a very inspiring blog post and I think I might look into the palm oil plantation.

  13. Hi Georgie,
    This problem needs to stop and I totally agree with you. Now you have made me never want to eat palm oil products again! Now I will think for the Orangutangs before eating palm oil products.This post was really convincing and now I will think before I eat.
    Well done Georgie,
    Keep blogging

  14. Wow, Georgie,
    I feel sorry for those poor orang-utans! I can’t believe that those products have palm oil in them! This will definitely make me think twice before eating yummy treats!

  15. Hi Georgie!
    What a great topic! It is so devastating and I will try to stop eating palm oil products. Well done on an amazing post with so much information and concern.
    Amber xx 🙂

  16. Hi Georgie, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post and strongly agree with the issue you chose to write about and raise your voice about. My family is always cautious about what we are eating as we don’t want to influence people to keep on cutting down the palm trees and using the oil as it is ruining the Orangutangs environment.
    Great post, Gemma. 🙂

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